Path To Hyrule
Saks Fifth Ant [Verse 1:]
Muhf**ka stop it
Everybody respect me they never had an option
1 2 3 not it
Dropping Hot spit into 5 c*ck blocked clits not chicks
I had to take it back with that one
Why my momma taking back my handgun
I take out the trash I'm the man son
Shot for the stars and scored, and one
Eating food from the land of a knock off of knock offs
I would say it's good but it's not without hot sauce
Now just wait for me to pop off
Just wait for me to pop off
Baby faced genius
That still f**k with snow bunnies
Cause rabies ain't mean sh*t
Baby I mean this
Trade in your smoothie for this grade A semen
This that AK legion
I'm so misunderstood I should have subt**les
Aw I'm just playing
Dye my hair yellow
Aw I'm just Saiyan
Aw I'm Just paying
Attention hut one two
You throwing grenades well I'mma chuck one too
If Mike and Pauly D get the pum pum loose
Send me to the Jersey Shore I'mma f**k one too
Or cut one loose
We run after jet lag punk
Off a molly better step back punk
Can't step forward
Can't back punk
Checkmate you a dead weight
Check that punk
L$G [Verse 2]:

Molly's poppin Sarah's dropping unlucky with timing
Feds is watching, guns is popping over love of diamonds
In '03 Deuce had it all his candy paint was shining
Served 10 years he got out now all his friends is hiding
So now he broke and his BM won't let him see his kid
Wasted his whole damn 20s locked inside the pen
He gotta do what he gotta do so be can make his ends
Gets caught and goes to jail again the infinite cycle begins
Lil tony end up dead his brother joins a gang
Johnny up the street taught his Lil brother how to slang
Lil n***a 12 years old thinking he can hang
Got scared into taking blame when they hit the stang
Wanna get revenge but he just really wanna be down
Grandma kicked him out said she ain't raising no clown
Father was a trap legend he wanted the crown
When he got out and killed em all only now he 14 and the talk of the town
Tierra's sucking, Keisha f**king, and her mothers ducking
Her oldest son got coke dreams to get the chickens clucking
Back and forth trips non stop like the n***a trucking
Smart youngin work hard because know the game don't owe him nothing
Brad watches his grandad's beautifully crafted masterpiece
Blacks killing blacks, the ones alive see death with apathy
To dumb to see the real distracted by false catastrophes
Hinders them with empty promises leaves them skipping happily

[Bridge: Saks Fifth Ant]
I still play Jet Set Radio
Tell Rokkaku to let that lady go
Please sir release her
We need her don't keep her
Now we all know not to leave her in Jeepers
I still play Jet Set Radio
Tell Rokaku to let that lady go
Please sir release her
We need her don't keep her
Now we all know not to leave her in Jeepers
[Verse 3: L$G]
Playing Sonic Adventure Battle 2 sipping gourmet apple juice
Homie say he got a bad b*t*h for me tell him send her through
Told the b*t*h that I had Zelda her affection grew
Played super smash Bros b*t*h was mad cuz she was player 2
3 AM in the morning plate of nachos watching Clerks
Told the b*t*h ion f**k with her mix now her feelings hurt
But ion give a f**k I blade dance like I got the work
That Zelda bag came in made a n***a go berserk
Told the b*t*h stop acting thirsty breh I'm tryna go to sleep
Sent her a** to the couch cuz she hogging al the sheets
Scrolling through my DMs like what hoes I wanna meet
Bad b*t*h iono if she gotta man so I'mma hit the creep