Mask of Goron
L$G [Verse 1]

Suzanne with me when I woke up in the morning
Don't remember what happened but it's hella families mourning
I guess I blacked out and killed another couple villages
Suzanne just does it for the fun she doesn't care about the pillaging
Well let us rise and continue on our long journey
Not finishing off the village is causing Suzzane to scorn me
She my other half and damn she so moody
Can't count how many times she f**ked around and tried to shoot me
But anyway out journeys long we walk synchronized and in silence
We won't stop until we reach the rare SFA on his island
They say if you kill him you'll get one wish
I want to seperate from Suzzane and get away from this violent b*t*h
We were born as one as many other spirits are
But with us I guess the gods took it slightly to far
We were polar opposites I was a peaceful soul she was an evil one
We want to unsync and killing SFA is the only way it can be done

[Verse 2[

God dammit Suzzane's in her zone again
She's noticed a weak ruler now she wants to go for the throne again
I tried to tell her no lets not take a break from the road again
She responded to that idea with a flaming hot hate filled shrunken
I was weakened for a second so she was able to take over
She destroyed the whole village with a help of her 4 leaf closer
That's the weapon that she uses to spread malice and paranoia
The king gets gilluntined and that's it it's just all over
She sticks around a tiny bit for the riches and all the favors
But she eventually gets bored and sad because all the villagers hate her
I noticed she was weakened I went into my body and slayed her
She was to sad at the moment she said she'll get me back later
I told the didn't tell the villagers I just fleed off that night
I felt my concious telling me that wasn't right
Suzanne sensed ur and tried to take back over but I put up a good fight
She shriveled back up in her ball when her darkness all turned to light
[Verse 3]

We been hunting for a while I'm sure it's been hundreds of years
But our journeys almost over because we're finally here
I gotta stay real I heard SFA can sense fear, the word is he's handicapped because he can't see or hear
Bouncing around the forest trying to improve my speed
I see a shimmering black color rising above the trees
I glide a little over move in closer to see, it's SFA saying his prayers down on his knees
Suzzane takes me over and goes right in she wastes no time
SFA senses it and dodges it right on a dime
He disappears into somewhere and we both start to cry
He re appears and goes inside my soul with his rare knife
Extracts my soul and leaves Suzzane there she's Free
She's been waiting since her birth not to be a f**king part of me
She goes away to find some island so she can be queen
And I start my ascent up into heaven thinking damn I'm finally freed