Artisan Stroke

Girl, you know I see you right. You want my stroke
You want me to hit that back-flip, double whammy, hop off the diving board
Don't worry girl I got you
Girl you my world, and when I see you in the car
Stroke you at home, down low, stroke pope let's get it


So girl turn the lights down
And turn on the TV
Turn on my favorite movie, The stroke-oke
I like Rocko's Modern World, cuz muhh f**kas be stroking
And girl turn on the Olympic swimming, so I can see the people stroking
Michael Phelps ain't got sh*t on my stroke
Girl, my stroke, I got that Artisan Stroke
And my stroke is worth a loaf, that b*t*h call me cantaloupe
But I ain't fast girl I'm not no antelope
But, I'm not slow either, i don't got no turtle stroke
I'm right in the middle I got that weasel stroke
But b*t*h I ain't rodent, my stroke is just cogent
Cogent, yeah girl say I said potent but I meant potent
But f**k it, my stroke game is important, for the life style that I live for you to support it
Support my stroke, yeah girl support my stroke
Buy my mixtape, but my Stroke DVD
Heard about my stroke on Myspace, next thing you know you was hanging out at my place
Tryna, tryna get that good stroke in, well imma tell you how to get that good stroke
Imma tell you how I do my stroke, girl first i grab yo ew ew ew ew ooohhh
Let me harmonize cuz my stroke be harmonious with you body & your VOLUPTUOUS
But best believe I ain't stroking no fat b*t*hes, hell naw this stroke dont work with no fat b*t*hes
Only pretty women and not no light skins, cuz yall gone curve my stroke so I'm only stroking white women