Wavy Stroke

I don't know if yall been tuning in to my stroke game EP or not
But uhh, I'mma tell you like this
This a beat made by me, for you & me

[Verse 1] L$G
I know you like my stroke, I know you feel my stroke
My stroke is clean like soap
Girl you know, my stroke-oke
Is just that stroke, its strong like rope
So, go on your night stand
And you better rap your hair
Cuz tonight im gonna give you that stroke
That it's gone *Blow Blow* f**k up your hair-air
Just so you know, I'mma let that body know about the stroke
Cuz this that silky stroke, this that silky smooth stroke
I got that ahh-ooh, that smooth stroke
Bubbly like Coke, yeah this that stroke


Cuz it's that stroke
That Stroke, that stroke, that stroookee
That stoke, that stroke that stroke
Yeah this that stroke, that stroke, that stroke
That Stroke, that stroke
[Verse 2] L$G

Girl imma, imma mm mmm on you
Right after I, I ahh ahh on you
Soon you gone feel that ew ew on you
Right after you hit that ohh ma mop on me
You know, I put your a** to sleep with the stroke
I got that lullaby stroke
But best believe it, I ain't no Wale
Cuz when you feel this stroke you gone think I'm Kwame

[Verse 3] Sals Fifth Ant

Kilpatrick, I'mma take your weave, lay it on the matress
We doing black flips with this stroke, back wards with this stroke
We going foward with this stroke, back wards with this stroke
We going backwards with this stroke, to the side, let it ride
Shown a stroke, let me get inside, the caveman stroke
Introduce you to that heatwave stroke, show you bout the fire
Messiah with the stroke, you dont know nothing bout the stroke
You grandaddy had a stroke, I got a better stroke-oke
Ohhh ohhhh ohhh woah woahhhh
Cuz i got the stroke I got the stroke