Komputer Stroke
Saks Fifth Ant [Intro]

Yeah girl, this that, this that digital stroke
Yeah I see you got them keys on
Come here let me tell you like this

[Verse] Saks Fith Ant

Let me tell you bout the stroke
Imma touch your body with the oil
Rock you like a boat
Hop up in the shower
You gone grab the soap
Im gone get the rope
It's getting real kinky in here
Let's go stroke left, stroke right
Stroke day time, Stroke night time
Stroke, it's the rigt time to stroke
It's the left time to stroke, stroke
Imma show you how to choke, come on

[Verse] L$G

Girl let me stroke, girl let me stroke
Let me hit them keys bae
Lemme hit that spacebar girl
Let me hit that caps lock
Capital CID, girl what that mean?
That sh*t mean CID
Now let me zoom woom with your wooty woo woo
Im tryna get in you and I want you to just
Let me stroke it
Girl let me stroke, in our stroking world
Tryna stroke that, i wanna stroke you girl
You know I love stroking, i love stroking you
And when I get done, I'm gone be touching you
I'm tryna stroke you up & down, with them strokes
Tryna stroke girl, you know I wanna stroke
You know I'm feeling you cuz you just so thick
I'm tryna stroke, stroookkee
Girl just feel my fingers
And you know I'm ready to type on all on them keys
Come in here & get that keyboard stroke
I got my hands placed right, thumbs on the spacebar
I got my fingers W-A-S-D-U-C-E-R
Girl this that stroke, this that L$G sh*t
And when I stroke you, girl you gone feel this shhh....
Girl I wasn't even thinking about that
I'm talking about that keyboard stroke
Stop playing with me, why you playing with me you b*t*h
L$G stroke game, waddup?