Fell in Love with a Shark lyrics

Jack White

Jaws, the shark, a-lurking in the dark
Of the depths of the sea, one day on a lark
Decides to get rowdy, get real violent
Takes a vay-cay out to Amity Island

Sunshine, lotion, fun in the sun
Blood in the ocean, everybody run!
'Cause it's crazy how few f**ks this shark gives
He'll eat naked ladies! He'll eat little kids!
Oh no!

But the one thing keeping the community safe
Is a guy named Brody and his pal Richard Dreyfuss
Jaws don't know that a storm's gonna come
He just wants everyone to be his chum!
(Get it?)

The mayor don't care if the townsfolk die
He doesn't wanna spoil the fourth of July
He's like, "Everyone cool it, and go for a swim!"
But holy sh*t, here comes that fin!

Singing Jaws is here!
Here is Jaws!
(He is a shark without a cause)
He was in a movie, you should watch it, it's called Jaws
Jaws is here!
Here is Jaws!
(He is a shark who fights the law)
He was in a movie that everyone saw

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