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Young Da Vinchi


[Verse 1: nxthxn]
New artists can’t diss me with their hundred tats
But I wish you would like a lumber jack
Too bad so sad, all you got is some mumble rap
You just just another task, you won’t recover like the seahawks where the fumble at
I ain’t even cussin
The competition I’m crushin
Like it’s nothin
You just bluffin
You sweet like a muffin
I’m heat like an oven
You need some work, like construction
Top new school rappers, put me in the discussion (Hoff Tapes)
I’m underrated and innovative, I execute
On everything I bring, just to flex on you
This new industry is ruined
Filled with wack music that’s bloomin
Well I’m different like a mutant
No president but that’s true man

[Bridge: Young Da Vinchi]
They don't even know what I got cooking up in the studio
They ain't ready but they better have the confetti ready for me but they belittle me down from little Italy like young Da Vinci ok yeah

[Verse 2: Young Da Vinchi]
Cross country on LA Leakers like Bron going to the Lakers
Cause my album got leaked by some wack ass bakers
Baking up a big ass cloud in they room where they can consume all of the smoke and choke wait nevermind I misspoke
I'm coming at you with punchlines like Mayweather doing a line of coke
Make you say yo that line was dope yeah no joke
Now I'm coming with the wavy flows like the ocean while sipping a potion at the front row of my own show
Never preformed guess I'm a no show so there's no show tonight though
Come back tomorrow like Mr McFeely doing a wheelie with his knockoff heelys
They told me to knock it off so I punched the wall to make the vase fall off like Hopsin ay
Oh wait he was never on like light with no switch or power
No need to be sour Kanye we all have mistakes but no miss take will make me miss your take
f*ck that snake

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