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Migos & Marshmello



From Light comes darkness
From Darkness comes light
I bet you already heard that
Let the beast rage!


A Dhubee boy with a dollar and a dream
Yah a doobie lover with the killer instinct ahhh!
Classified C.R.E.A.M chaser
Dont get up on my face or I’m gon Frazier
You motherf**ker (lights out)
Smokin’ Joe you (lights out, lights out)
f**k with the devil within me
Get ready for hell I’m top notch evil
Spark the chaos you can’t handle you gon get it good motherf**ker, it’s simple
f**k my schedule pick up the pistol
Load it hollow points c*ck it pull it
(bang ,bang, bang bang, bang bang)
3 to 6 toe tags motherf**ker
Man I’m Danger-ous like em Migos motherf**ker
Choe zazao yay lo? JATDHA!
Choe ra cham chi sho tohsa!
Where your balls motherf**ker? (little b*t*h)
Hahahaha, jet dha
But I don’t wanna do it get it clear ayy
I don’t wanna do it get it clear ayy
Said it twice so you dumb b*t*hes know what I mean ayy
Got a dream too big to give away ayy
I don’t wanna do it, I don’t wanna do it
But you motherf**kers pushing me to the limit
God Damn!
What the f**k is up with the society?
Finally doing good now
They wanna get rid of me? like what the f**k homie?
Want a bullet in your brain homie?
Wanna leave our mamas crying homie?
Don’t push me homie, I’m the motherf**king
Dhubee O.G
I do what I say, I say what I do
So don’t f**k with me boy
Or you gon die boy
Last warning motherf**ker

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