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The Blasting Company

"Ms Langtree’s Lament"

"A" is for the apple that he gave to me
But I found a worm inside
"B" is for beloved that I called to him
Before he left my side
And "C," see what he did, that's "D"
Did it to poor old me
How could I be such an "E"motional fool? ("F")

"G" is for the gentleman I thought he was
When he first said 'hi'
"H" "I"
"J" is for the joker that is Jimmy B
The man who made me cry (that's a "C")

And "K," well, you know it's just not okay
To kiss and then run away
Leaving alone without leaving a letter for "L"angtree
"M" is for the misery he left me in
"N"ever to return again
"O" what a poor ("P") fool I've been
"Q"ueueing in line for him
And "R," are you the one for me?
Yes, "S"ay you'll come back to me
Why are you tempted to "T"ease me?

You, "Y," not "U" have got to understand
The value of a woman's heart ("V")
Why "W," not "Y" did you think it was fine
To "X" me from the start?

And why, yes, "Y," is the question that's on my mind
Oh, why?
Why did you leave me right before reaching our "Z"enith?

1 is the number of men I've loved
And 2 is the times I'll say it's you (it's you)
3 is the number of days you've been gone
But it feels like 4 times two
8 at the hour the sun goes down
I remember life with you around
I wish I had nine lives like that one

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