R3 - رع
Parker’s Intro
Truss me you know its YingYang in the building
Shmokey Yucky cmon (grrr)
Free the guys (woi)
Truss me 3'mulla soon land

(Verse 1 : YingYang)
Everyone wanna talk on us, but he's been touched and he's been touched
And you still ain't ride for your friend you're lucky i didn't put 2-2 in your lens
Like why do you chat like this you're beating blanks of course you're gonna miss
Got your friend on my nish i'll swing my shank (swing it) i want more on my list

(Verse 2 : Yuckytug)
Swing my shank want more on my list (swing it)
If not then i'll back this stick
The mandem roll round equipped
Anyone i see gon' drown or drip
I shotted 3 2 spinners to drippz
Free my bro locked up for a bit
Golden one step good and thicc
She throwing it back i dont grab her hips (i dont)

(Verse 3 : YingYang)
And i dipped that yute and he screamed
And you know its apart of the scheme
Like how many yutes got bored up
And how many fled from the scene
He's talking bout 9 and up fuck it
I'll just give him 10, 10 in your chest
I'll leave you seriously fuck with we all of us into his death (death)
Truss me i'll do it like beth
Swing my black come aim at heads (Kill him)
He's lucky he jumped that fence
Cah trust me it could've been ments
Try run in the house and scream uh
We just hurried that scene
Dip rip and put on a tee, Dip rip and put on a tee
(Verse 4 : Yucktug)
Di,Dip rip put you on a tee
Or swing my shank in your belly
Chest shot gang better shout out selly
Wet wet better have your wellies
Me and Y2 got him already
And rico got him again thats tekky
Now im tryna take mans eye like fetty
When the mandem hop out the ugly betty

(Verse 5 : Rtrapp)
All I know is trap, stack them bands just make that bread
I remember that day so clear it was like 8 man just crashing off peds
Shout out my batch, rapid response, gang do it with chest
Jumped in a dings, skid to the gate, leave holes in vests
Stuffed 2 in the dots, car doors popped just watched opps shop
TA with da 2s in the pot now he sends that to a qway O spot
If shh got chinged and shh then his bro ain't living
Tell me how many opps been chinged and they jump on tracks and chat bare fibbings
They can't about waps they've slapped cah they beating blanks what the fucks all that (grrr)
Got BM on the gas with shanks and waps, tryna take off hats
Trap and stack thats the plan but n***as out ere tryna put me in the can
Can't wait til the mandem land, cah its nothing but waps and big fucking bands

(Verse 6 : Yuckytug)
If you mention Yuck thats a rambo specialist
Manouv my ting like a veteran
This beef i salt and pepper it
We got down Sav x2 think less of him (haha)
His girlfriend shouting sekkle it
My girl shut up your mouth or you're getting it (ay shutup)
Camz put Sk in a chokehold buddy gon' act like my bro never did
On a ped with tings
Or rico hop off get close and ying (ay ying him)
I won't lie to you bro you're on me if you say you're on him,FACTS
I try ching down ** in hat, but he put up his hand so i got his hand
In a ride and its filled with shanks wid a y2 fling and the ride too bats
Don't like YT on the gas
YT gets gassed and they always crash
Smashed down packs in cunch, come back to the ends and smash my yat
My lil bros vicious, he'll leave your top dripping no i ain't kidding
Its not only things that are kicking, ro was kicking, guns are kicking
(Verse 7 : YingYang)
Built that spliff like bob, i swear down gimme that drop
Gimme that drop i'll be there certi
All them goals i do it like perci
And i swear that the gangs too lurky
Do it like rico we did man dirty
Dip, splash, ching could've meant fucking perci
And camz on the block just dishing out flavours
YT gets his hands on a paigon, you know thats face on papers
He's been on the block for years, nows he's from there so now hes a paigon
If camz gets his hands on a opp, you know he's dishing out shavings
And mulla's itching to go on a glide cah the opp blocks way too filling
Chestshot in him or rambo kill him, or lean out the ride tryna wig him
And YT gave him one in the head and now he's looking like fetty
And YT gave him one in the head and now he's looking like fetty