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Ice Poseidon

"Content Diamond"

Yoo and he's so f*cking icy
Ice Poseidon, content diamond

Don't trespass, just explore
Came from RuneScape old school
Smoke weed off came
Lowkey OG, lowkey godly with the content
All these Andy's see Hyphonix
I'm an OG from the days of C.O.C
Ice Poseidon OG but you're not even stony, bruh
You don't even know me, bruh
Playing that Pac Man, nessin' like nuffin'
'nother life, 'nother Ice
Pac Man pro, just roll the dice
Yo Ice Poseidon, Paul Denino
Leeches, leeches leechin' for the clout, so kick 'em out
Sniper's sniping on cam, so spell it out
E-X-P-O-S-E, that's right
Expose those b*tches

Ice Poseidon, content diamond
Keep on minding, he'll be thriving
Heh heh hehh
Icy water like he's dripping
(f*ck it dood, alright, f*ck it)
Icy water like he's dripping from the wrist
He called it first, it's in the name
Paul so icy he be blinding
Rising star, he's shooting far
(f*ck it dood, alright, f*ck it)
You know he's shooting far
His name's f*cking Icy bruh
It's f*cking Ice Poseidon

That's practically the iciest name you can f*cking have
He's the Ice God, bro
f*cking legit

It's in the name, he called it first
Most icy name there ever was
He's like the god of f*cking ice
Ice Poseidon damn
Ice Poseidon damn

So he goes around doing anything
Really Andy, where's that Andy?
Ice the man, he got the content
Just what everybody wanted
His content's f*cking icy like poseidon
Guy's almighty
Pimp Pepper, that's just Sam
EbZ be dropping bars
Paul's got me dead
Don't f*ck with callers, snipers, leeches, b*tches
But I love Bjorn cause he don't give a f*ck
Yo, we don't f*ck with snipers
We don't f*ck with leeches
We don't f*ck with b*tches
f*ck with callers, yo f*ck those b*tches
You're just ruining the sh*t for everyone else

Ice Poseidon, content diamond
Ice Poseidon, content diamond

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