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Rockie Fresh

"It’s a Must"

[Intro: Rockie Fresh]

[Chorus: Rockie Fresh]
[?] too much 'cause then they do too much
Keep this sh*t a buck, these n***as be sus
Shorty say she love me, gon' f**k me in a rush
I take my time with it, I don't do it in a rush
I get bags, it's a must
Rolling all this loud, it's a must
Designer my cologne [?] musty
She know you n***as lying but she trusts me
And she gotta vibe with me, it's a must

[Verse 1: Rockie Fresh]
Louis V the luggage, that's a must be
[?] that's my n***a, that's the broski
I been getting way too high but I'm lowkey
I ain't famous but the b*t*hes showing love
I be switching all my clothes, I got OCD
And I'm switching cities too but with the same teams
Yeah my n***as kept it real from the jump
Shout out Cousin B, they kept it real from the jump
Just pulled up in Africa, we smoking loud
Turn your b*t*h into a cheetah, now she on the prowl
RIP Mac Miller, swear we shut down London
Yeah my n***as keep it quiet but we up to something
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