Its like i never left
I'm back from the dead
Yo, what’s happening?
Was gone for a minute
Now i moving through manhattan
Im back for redemption
So you rappers best beware
I came back from death
To give you life
You best prepare
Its rare
For me to take a loss
But i hold it
Accept the fate i cast it out
And move this is moment
To shine
I come back and shine
That's my word
Heard rumours i had died
Many tried, none secured
Cause we all know
My soul was felt throughout this game
And those who said i left this sh*t
Were fearful of my name
Known throughout the world
Global recognition planted
Years of hard work
Across the lands my name is chanted
By forces which are greater than my own
I represent the zone ...
That's my home
Yall can draw back
I return on my odyssey
Hip Hop won’t stop calling me
I give you this is all of me
No stopping me

Verse 2:

From out the depths of hell
I jump propelled
And make a swift return
You need not be concerned
Cause my name remains and burns
The hemisphere the smoke will clear...
Will appear
This weapon here will interfere ...
From fear
How many of you hoped that i was gone
My presence be too strong
And my reach it be too long
To ever fall
I sever yall
Back up better call
I lead you all
Now dead you all
Its you they won't recall
I form super soldier half machine
A mental like marine
Hard to kill like wolverine
I overtake regimes
That had sauce but they lost it
I had the sauce and tossed it
From scratch i had to watch it
Bubble back i double back
Made the great attack
Elements they clashed
Caused a planetary crash
Brought me back
Right on track
Like That

Verse 3:

For all my fans who kept the faith
Allowed my name to live on
For you this prolongs
For you this transforms
From unsung to legendary
Pushed away to necessary
Took a step back
Now the weight of the world i carry
Was any time that had passed
I knew it wouldn't last
From perfecting out this craft
Make you feel my wraith
Sword swing sword slash
Make you feel my wraith
Sword swing sword slash
Back with greater force
The wars they ran their course
Resurrected from the source
Behold a pale horse
Brushed death took his head
Resurrected from the dead
Nuff said

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