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"Am Tired, I Miss You."

[Verse: Young Chi]
Am tired, I miss you
I couldn't find the words, to make me forget you
Those Nights, that i wish i was right beside you
All in the past and yet i miss you
Facetime, hit my line in the summer
Feels so cold, yet it isn't December
Look at the time that i wasted, get her off my mind
Cause y’know that am wasted, yeah
Feelin like Taki, am lost in the moment
Mitsuha is gone, feels so damn belated
Pancakes in the morning, yet i knew that you hated
Looking at the mirror, cause y’know that i waited
In the streets of Tokyo, running am outdated
Hands so cold, wishing that you can hold it
Like you did, half Awake
China Lake, sacrifices that i made
Kimi No Nawa, on my face
Just to get to you

[Outro: Young Chi]
Those NIghts, Young Chi
I guess, i tried though

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