Dem Franchize Boyz
When Can We Date?

[Hook: repeat 2X]
I got good taste and I like your shape
Them itty bitty shorts and ya micro braids
Ya thin in the waist extra cute in the face
You ain't a man, so when can we date?

[Verse 1]
I gotta stay fresh, you suppose to be
It ain't my fault if ya hoe chose me
I snatch up every broad standing close to me
She can be wtih me if she wanna be
I spotted her, she had me froze
She made my mind freeze
I ain't know what to say, this chick was a dimepiece
She might not be my type, and then she might be
I step quick thinking to myself, will she like me?
I want her, so I holla, no hesitation
I spoke quick, she started diggin' my conversation
My blood racin', you play the doctor I'll be your patient
If my heart had a safe, I'll give the combonation
Unlock it and give me love, it be me that you thinkin' of
They said it was straight game, but all that I said was
I got good taste and I like yo shape
So, all I wanna know is, when can we date?

[Verse 2]
I'm diggin' ya ma,shiiit, must be ya style
Coke bottle shape, or your million dollar smile
Like the trial, you the judge and ?????
I'm waiting on your verdict, come on and tell me if you wit it
I'm willing to take you out and show ou some nice things
Reserve us a dinner and listen to Kelly sing
Step, step, in the name of love
I can tell 'bout books, or I can tell you 'bout drugs
The average college thug, it's just the way I be livin'
I need a Ms. Thug ??? you I be missin'
Picture us, covered with sheets, grindin' beat for beat
Huggin' and kissin' ???? massagin' your neck and feet


[Verse 3]
I need a slim girl, with a little tiny waist
One who love the dick and even love the taste
So when can we date? It don't matta where the place
You know I keep my tool, got to keep my baby safe
You know you got a soldier, straight ??? off the base
Now I hug the block all day, doin' what it takes
And when I give you money, yea them girls gonna hate
We can hit the rink, I know your size in roller skates
Or roll up some swishers, and fire them up by the lake
Or take you to a restraunt and eat a couple steaks
Now my friends say I cake, on the phone when it's late
I'm thinking she's my mate, so when can we date?