Dem Franchize Boyz
Stop Callin’ Me
Bitch stop callin' me
Bitch stop callin' me
Bitch stop callin' me
Bitch stop callin' me
I ain't gonna pick the phone up
Ain't gonna pick the phone up
I ain't gonna pick the phone up
Ain't gonna pick the phone up

[Verse 1]
Bitch stop callin' me I ain't gonna pick the phone up
Send you to the voicemail straight hang the phone up
I ain't gonna get your hair did, Bitch stop asking me
You notice how your toes fix, Bicth stop harassing me
I buy a bitch a shirt gotta buy a bitch a hat
I don't work at the zoo get that monkey off my back
You say you pregnant with my baby (shit)
I don't think so (na)
Bitch that ain't my baby, well I don't really know
I got what I wanted, I don't need nothing more
So stop callin' leavin message after message ho
Bitch don't call me no more (why)
I ain't gonna pick up the phone
Treat her like a clothes hanger
Straight hang the phone up

[Verse 2]
Ay stop callin' me, Bitch this ain't no chat line
Blowing up my phone like a welfare hotline
Thinking I'mma help ya baby mama bitch you're not mine
No I can't get with ya
And we cannot share no dollar signs
Call respect a ho put her numbers on call block
Broad real smart call me from her home girls house
Like a bug-a-boo (shit) it ain't nothing I can't handle
I just treat 'em like a stranger, unknown numbers I don't answer
Our relationship got cancer, forfeited its over
Stop leaving messages, no starting over
I'mma call you, ain't no need to call me
Bitch your talkin to yourself when you talk behind the beat


[Verse 3]
Bitch stop callin' me talkin bout where you at
She wanna hold some money, talk bout let her hold a stack
I picked up the phone quick, told this bitch I'd call her later
Hung the phone up quick, sent her straight to the operator
She callin' all the time now, she knocking at my door (knocking)
I fucked the bitch too hard cause she keep wanting more
Just caught a quick nut then I make the bitch leave
Shes a stalking type bitch, hiding all in a n***as trees
She callin' once again, keep callin' a n***a phone
She keep callin' the cell and the phone I got a home
Now shits just fucked up cause she went and worked for Nextel
Callin' a n***a phone changing my password on my voicemail

[Verse 4]
Why you keep callin' me (for what), fuck you play on the phone for
That's what stupid bitches get crack cross the dome for
I can't get to the phone, I'm unable to answer
I ain't buying braids, and I ain't sending pampers
Just don't get it, your serving no purpose
I don't wanna talk, talk to my answering service
I don't wanna talk to ya, I don't wanna fuck ya
Na I ain't your boo and hell na I don't love ya
You be with that silly shit, straight up on that tricker shit
Callin' me now (shit) used to be on pick 'em dick
It is what it is, I wish you wouldn't bother me
Bitch stop Bitch stop Bitch stop callin' me