Dem Franchize Boyz
Straight Drop
I keep that drop for the low-low, weigh it ship it out the do'
Stuff 'em into {?} stashed around the 24
Hit the road, hit the flows, bend that in a minivan
TV cameras in the dash, money wrapped in rubber bands
Flipped a couple grand, straight dropped it on a watch
Diamond bezel, 30 karats, just a kid from the block
Oh my God, there he go, calm me down I need a fan
Big Oomp rappers see my chain, and DJ Mike say he ain't playin
Straight drop lookin breezy, got you hoes lookin cheesy
DJ Oomp, {?}, straight drop I'm off the heezy
Eyes shifty, try to creep me, got that heat, right beneath me
Straight drop, Oomp Camp, black tint, you can't see me

Wha**up Big Allen, we got your back
Straight from the A-Town, Big Oomp Records
DJ Jelly, DJ Montae, straight drop

Yeahhhh, we just drop n***a
Yeahhhh, straight drop n***a
Straight drop n***a - yeah, straight drop n***a - yeah
Straight drop n***a - what? Straight drop n***a - what?

{*"Oomp Camp nuts" scratched*}