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Kap G


(Verse 1 Scotty ATL)
Wat do u know, wat a view hoe, one of you friends and one of you foe, one of u smoke and one of you blow, pinto sh*t to butterfly doors, one of queen and one of you hoe, one of you rich and one of you poor, one of you reap and one of you sow, pull up valet in one dem new rovers, had to step it up to one of them mansions, think it gotta pool on one of them floors, one door open one door close, hit paparazzi one of dem poses, one of us trill one of us not, one of us cold and one of us hot, these yung n*ggas will run in yo spot, got my di*k in one of yo thots … hol up 
One of us grind and one of lazy, one 100% the other one shady, one of us flopped the other one made it, one of us sober other one faded, one of us loved the other hated, one of us loyal the other one traded, one of king one of us pawn, swerve on a bih in one of dem cedes 

f*cking wit my señorita, making plays up in atlanta, she sell up drank up liter, mix dat sh*t up wit some Fanta

(Verse 2 Kap G)

(Hook) x2

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