Kap G


I like to live in the moment like Kodak
Runs with the Forgi's I need me a LoJack
I'm number one and I can't be below that
My wrist on zero degrees yeah I froze that
My diamonds yellow remind me of Bodak
These dead presidents and they came with a toe tag
See, I made me a name can't nobody control that
You got you some fame we been poppin' before rap
Clip em' from the feet like Bambi
Heard you tryna run off in the Camry
All these Rari's lined up like a stampede
Had to stick to the plan, no plan B
She the apple of my eye, you can ask me
Had to hit her with the rubber, no plan B

Yellow tape, ooh it's a homicide
Which one you working?
They play on the other side
I see some sh*t and my Cartiers traumatized
I got some homies who gon' wish they come alive
I went from a caterpillar to a butterfly
I sh*t em' kiddies let the diamonds flood it out
I'm meetin' Catalina at the taco spot
How she bilingual and her skin is chocolate?
Pop a perky like a vitamin
Told her I just want to hit like a violin
Custom Girbaud's you can see what I'm stylin' in
She got strong knees call her Megan Thee Stallion
Buying your jewelry all at Metropolitan
I got three b*t*hes in Philly, no opposite
Run away from the chalk like LaDainian Tomlinson
I keep them Eagles with me like I'm Donovan
I keep some paper with me for my sinuses
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