100 Racks*

Lil Gnar

[Chorus: Lil Gnar]
n***a we not the same
Flooded my wrist, I spent 10 racks on my b*t*h
That's ok, I'm havin this sh*t
I don't really care what I stain
Cartier frames, how I came, 100 racks on my chain
New Balmain, new Balmain, n***a we not the same

[Verse: Lil Skies]
100 Racks on my chain
n***a talk down, better watch your mouth
Better not talk down on gang
I just called up gnar and I went down south
We just poured up on the plane
Brand new AR in the car when we land
We gon shoot it out of space, we gon shoot it out of space

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