Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast

"JAP Battle [Demo]"

This is real deep beef from way back in the past
Deeper than I'll put a foot up in the crack of your ass
Alright, let's do this
Your little pals can witness how vicious
This Westchester alpha b*t*h is

I'm straight up malicious, a verbal curb stomper
Since we were toddlers I've studied every chink in your armor
And between your folks' divorce and that haircut on ya
I'm really not sure which one's the bigger shondeh

That means "disgrace", I'm translating for the goys
Our lifelines have been parallel like corduroys
But now, we'll see whose bars will prevail
In this beef of two hard-as-nails Shebrews from Scarsdale

We've got a conflict of interest
I'm about to give this chick the business
Spittin' venomous hate
Penetratin' her defenses
It's a JAP battle

A what?
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