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BlocBoy JB


[Intro: BlocBoy JB]
Ha, yeah
Hey, hey, hey, ha

[Verse 1: BlocBoy JB]
This sh*t didn't work out like you thought it would (Word)
I’m trappin' and posted in every hood (Posted)
I'm Crippin’, got thugs up in Inglewood (Crip)
Keep a stick like a n*gga was in the woods (Grr)
Got straps like Jason Bourne, uh (Bourne, uh)
Fill 'em, we lit like a joint, uh (A joint, uh)
My new b*tch, she bad, she a foreigner (Foreigner)
I'm gettin' head on the corner (Corner)
Thuggin' in traffic, these n*ggas, they faker than plastic (Plastic)
I'm 'bout to stretch him like he was elastic (Elastic)
Fly on the carper, Aladdin ('Laddin)
I got rich and I bought me a mansion (Skrt)
In the game makin’ all the PT (PT)
Yellow my wrist, this sh*t pee-pee (Diamonds)
Ice on my watch and my mouth full of VVs
You n*ggas still in the D-League (D-League)
Two joints (Two joints)
Kick the b*tch out ’cause I move stank (Move stank)
Bloc is in the hood, n*gga, who ain't? (Word)
The joint make ’em lit like it's two pints (Yeah)
f*ck your b*tch on the first night I met her (Met her)
Know I'm up in the spot like a leopard (Leopard)
Gettin' head in the Tesla (Tesla)
I’m smokin' dope with the fellas (Yeah)
Fifteen-hundred on Margielas (That's on my momma, yeah, yeah)

[Verse 2: NLE Choppa]
He said he gon' rob me, rob who? (What?)
Break out them choppers, peekaboo (Rrah)
We wipe his nose, hachoo (Yeah)
And I'm the sh*t like boo-boo (Pssh)
We step in the party, we thuggin', no MACs (Yeah)
I see me some strippers, I throw me some stacks (Yeah)
I hit from the back and I pull out her tracts (Huh)
Her n*gga got mad, I told him relax (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I'm on the block with JB (Yeah)
We keep us a Glock, no safety (Bow)
Mad that f*ck n*ggas tried to take me (Take me)
Pull up and shoot like KD (KD)
We come in your party, we totin' them things (Yeah)
Glock got a di*k and it came with a beam
If he run up, I'm shootin' the scene
Addicted to Act, I love the lean
Load that Glock, finna hit some (Yeah)
Backwoods, don't smoke no Swishers (Huh)
She sucked my di*k, you kissed her (Yeah)
And then I f*cked your sister (Yeah)
I'm doin' my dance, I'm hittin' the woah (What)
We up in Cali, puffin' on dro (Huh)
I'm f*ckin' this b*tch, keep that on the low (Yeah)
She said she love when I f*ck her slow (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
b*tch, I'm NLE, can't show no love
You play and you get bust quick (Brr)
This chopper might just overheat
So I bought a coolin' kit (Ah)
Since he made a scene (What)
Yeah, we pulled up, shot a movie, b*tch (Yeah, bah, bah)
Movie, b*tch (Bah, bah)
I don't f*ck with foolish sh*t (Rrah)

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