BlocBoy JB

"Head In My Lap"

Tay Keith, f**k these n***as up
b*t*h, b*t*h, b*t*h
Yeah, yeah, yeah
You got some nice lips on you, b*t*h

Put your head in my lap, uh, uh (In my lap, ho)
I just want some head in the trap, uh (In the trap, ho)
If I ever hear you run your mouth (Run your mouth)
I'ma cut you off right now (ASAP, ASAP)
Put your head in my lap (Yeah, yeah)
I just want some head in the trap (In the trap)
b*t*h, you better not ever run your mouth (Run your mouth)
Or I'ma cut you off right now, ayy (That's on my mama)

[Verse 1]
Ayy, let me tell you 'bout these buster ass, fake ass hoes (Hoes)
b*t*h, don't ever say you love me if you f**kin' my bro (My bro)
I hit that b*t*h up in my bed, ayy, that's a TV flow (Woah)
I smacked her ass with all my might, ain't that's a DB though? (Woah)
From watchin' DVD's (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
b*t*h, you know I got more hoes than a pack of CD's (Huh?)
b*t*h, I'm a dog, you see this collar? I ain't attracted to fleas
I told that b*t*h that I couldn't call 'cause I just wax it and leave (Woah)
That bad lil' ho say she a bird, I'll teach her the birds and the bees (I teach her)
Switch the narcos outside (Outside)
Hit him in the pupil out the window, I'm a deadeye (Deadeye)
Then go to his son's school and tell him keep his head high (Head high)
And f**k his mama, now he callin' me his dad now (Stepdad)
Ooh, I'm stepdaddy too, I turned mom to a prostitute (Woah)
n***a robbed him, play me 'bout that bread, now I gotta shoot (Rrah)
Don't think daddy, but a b*t*h throw a mask on
Time to do a kick door (Rrah)
We shoot the gun like dice (Rrah)
b*t*h, tell me what do it hit for? (Rrah, rrah, doon, doon, doon)
Lil' Keshia, she an eater, she freaky, I know her mama (Her mama)
She said she hungry, took that b*t*h to the nearest McDonald's (McDonald's)
She got an attitude, what you want, some Benihanas? (What?)
I can't go up there no more 'cause I gave all them hoes my number (Freaky)
Freaky b*t*h Lashawna give me head up in the Hummer (Hummer)
She already know what's goin' on, she put her hair up in a bunna (A bunna)
Had to cut that lil' ho off, she thought that she was gon' get some bundles
Get her head all covered in pipe, but I kicked her out on summer
I'm a felon but I still can go to Mexico (Yeah)
I'm in Dubai, smokin' dope up in the sky (Yeah)
Two hundred dollars for a gram, that sh*t was Reginald (Woah)
But I'm still fly, so that still mean that I'm high (I'm so high)
If a n***a put his hands on Simi, he gon' die (He gon' die)
He six feet under but he somewhere in the sky (In the clouds)
Put a n***a in a blunt, roll him up, ayy, Lil Jugg, let's get high (Ayy, let's get high, Crip)
I would be 12 if I told you where we was smokin', right? (Right right?)
Where I'm from, we kill a n***a, then turn up and let the night go (Take a night go)
Can't trust these n***as, they act like b*t*hes on they cycle (Period)
I'ma swerve this car, get it on two wheels like a motorcycle (Woah)
And it's off with the head, this sh*t off of the head
n***a, this is not typewrote, b*t*h (Yeah)
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