BlocBoy JB


Yes, sir
Pull up with the chopper, don't miss
Who you wanna f**k up next?
Baby wanna suck on the d**k
Bae wanna suck on the d**k
Ayy, yo, Tommy
Bad b*t*h wanna suck on the d**k
Bad b*t*h wanna suck on the d**k, yeah

Shooters at your neck, copy (Word)
Wanna see a dead body (Word, word)
Shawty give me neck sloppy (Sloppy)
Now she want sex, copy (Copy)
Brand new J's, copy (Copy)
Before you paste, copy (Copy)
Too much money, gettin' paid, copy (Copy)
Used to work minimum wage, copy (Copy)

I'ma put the squeeze on him, Capri Sun
Take his b*t*h out, know she like to get her feet done
I said this before, man, this sh*t like a rerun
Threw a bullet and he caught it, he Deion (That's on my mama)
'Fore they pulled me over, I was ridin' 'round with two choppers
Two Glocks, 'cause I just want your soul like a shoe doctor
You're ten deep, I'm the whole crew robber
Bloc got the juice, that young n***a, he'll 2Pac you
Ten hospital bills, it's time for a new doctor
I cop a new gun every time I get a new problem (Facts)
Nine years I been Crippin', n***a too proper (Word)
Send them youngins at your door like the bellhopper (Yeah, yeah)
Baby, you know it's no right of way (Right of way)
We just f**kin' from night to day (Night to day)
Let that Luther Vandross play
My cougar 38 and she like listen to Kanye (Ah)
Doon, doon, doon what the gun say
Chopper make him move the wrong way
Rockin' Off-Whites on my off day (That's on my mama)
b*t*h, I move like the president if a n***a try to off me (Yeah)
Forty, he give him a bald fade (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
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