BlocBoy JB


[Intro: BlocBoy JB]
Yeah, every day
I text, I call, I flex, I ball
I go through this sh*t every day

[Chorus: BlocBoy JB]
I flex, I ball, I text, I call
My ex, we go through this sh*t every day
I ignore y'all, iPhone, missed call
From my b*t*h, we go through this sh*t every day
How can I sleep when we go through this sh*t every day?
How we gon' eat when you be interrupting me getting paid?
When we go broke, I bet you're gonna have nothin' to say
Matter fact, the money only reason you call me bae

[Verse 1: BlocBoy JB]
She a gold digger, she don't f**k with broke n***as
Rose gold Audemar, got that off a show, n***a
Pinky ring blingin', but f**k that sh*t, we need some more pistols
'Cause every time a n***a get some money, it bring more issues
Came a long way from sleepin' on my f**kin' mama's couch
Got my first check, got some guns and bought my mom a house
You think that I ain't work for this sh*t? Ayy, watch your f**kin' mouth
I was robbin' for the dollars, now I'm gettin' gwalas now
I was f**kin' black feets, n***a f**kin' models now
I was smokin' point three, Backwoods by the boxes now
.40 by my boxers, try to rob me, I'ma gun you down
Chain shine like it's sunny now, n***as funny, Leroy Brown
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