BlocBoy JB


Shawty said she wanna f**k me but it's too late
But she ain't f**k with me when I had the shoes with no shoelace
Fly a b*t*h up out of Dallas just to mix my Texas Kool-Aid
Then I get up in her mouth until that b*t*h get her a toothache
Gucci on my shoelace, trappin', servin' two days
Tryna figure out which n***a b*t*h I'm gon' f**k today
b*t*h, I'm the man, hooray, got plenty bands, hooray
b*t*h, my life is a movie and you the camera man, Bluray

Hip, hip, hooray, which chop I'ma shoot today?
Before you get this shot, gotta make sure that you have that movie face
She eat the d**k, love the taste, say she want it on her face
He dissin', I done caught a case, Murder One, First 48
No piece of pepperoni, but I'm gon' give her the sausage
Sellin' this dope, pimpin' these hoes, feelin' like Christopher Wallace
I came a long way from kickin' these doors and takin' these young n***as' pockets
Mi casa su casa, what's mine is yours, I need a check, no deposit
Man, I hate when ratchet hoes do the most
I just went and copped a Phantom, told my ex to get ghost
Takin' trips up out to Cali', b*t*h, we smokin' West Coast
Toss your b*t*h up like an alley to my folks, Z-Bo
What you mean that I'm broke? You're mad 'cause your tire still low
I ain't smoked in three days but my eyes still low
If a n***a broke, no convo
Put your b*t*h up on 'Woods and I tell her I need the sh*t pronto
I'm the sugar honey iced tea, lookin' for a b*t*h like CoCo
Put your b*t*h in the water, now you playin' Finding Nemo
Fresh as f**k in this Valentino
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