BlocBoy JB


Evil G

16, I was 16 with a carbon
New Chanels and they dark green, Olive Garden
Louis V polo tee, feelin' like I'm Carlton
Dope clean, I'm the freshest n***a in the party
16, I was trick-or-treatin' with a carbon
13, I was in the boarded up apartments
18, mama said she didn't want no involvement
On Grape Street, mama, this the life I live, I'm sorry

But let me get back to f**kin' these hoes
I f**k 'em then I duck 'em, change 'em quicker than my clothes
My ex a worrisome b*t*h, she do not want to let me go
She ask me do I love her? And I told her that's a no
Lil' b*t*h, you gotta roll
You gettin' out of control
And I know what's up, you just wanna f**k
Because a n***a got that load
I would never tell a ho that I love her
Just to get her out of her clothes
I will always keep this sh*t so one hundred
'Cause that's just how sh*t goes
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