BlocBoy JB

"Let Me Know"

[Intro: BlocBoy JB]
Dmac on the f**kin' track

[Chorus: BlocBoy JB]
Hah, I thought you was my day one
Now I gotta kill you when the day come
If you ever got a problem, we gon' spray somethin'
If you need me, all you gotta do is say somethin'
Let me know, let me know
Let me know, let me know
Got a problem, n***a, let me know
Got them choppers, we gon' let it go, we gon' let it go

[Verse 1: BlocBoy JB]
b*t*h, we at every show
We got .40's, we got nines, we got every pole
Call my chopper Keyshia Cole how I let it go
We gon' wipe a n***a face like a runny nose
Have to separate the real from the fake
To make this Saint Laurent coat, I had to kill a snake
They talk behind your back and they smile in your face
That's what you call love, I don't know what to say
Every day my mom say watch your back
'Cause she know the streets is cold
And she know she didn't raise no ho
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