BlocBoy JB


Vicasso on another one
Mama, Zachary makin' beats again


You better watch how you come to me (Word)
I got a whole lot of killers, they under me (Me)
I had the dough, no one fronted me (Me)
I seen my n***a get killed right in front of me (Me)
sh*t had me hurt, stung, bumblebee (Bee)
Mama said keep comin', promise me (Promise me)
That you won't do nothin' to dishonor me (Honor me)
That's a promise, my mama, but I'm killin' anyone come to me (Word)

Keep them sticks, movin' brick like it's concrete
Yeah, you know we got straps like a SWAT meet (Rrah)
I'm fly, nobody can swat me (No)
If they do, then I got some with double D's (Rrah)
Talkin' beef, then I want it with double cheese (Yeah)
Where I'm from, n***a, we shoot the opp with ease (Yeah)
Plug Alicia, she bringin' in lots of keys (Huh?)
Call me daddy when she be on top of me (That's on my mama)
sh*t go left, then my young n***a go right (Right)
My diamonds, they dance in the spotlight (Yeah)
Got a Hi-Point, that sh*t there don't c*ck right
They stealin' my swag, I might have to copyright (Yeah)
n***a doin' all that talkin', hit a n***a, now he fallin' (Word)
She said she freaky when I do recallin' (Huh?)
She 'bout it 'bout it like she from New Orleans (New Orleans)
Back in the day, lost po-po (Po-po)
Now it's Gucci on every other logo (Logo)
I remember days wearin' Bobos (Bobos)
Now a n***a get the J's 'fore the store do (Store do)
n***a savin' these hoes like Goku (Yeah)
At least twenty bands for a walkthrough (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I cost three bands just to talk to (Huh?)
n***as don't know what a n***a been through, for real
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