Enemies lyrics

BlocBoy JB

[Intro: BlocBoy JB]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Word, huh

[Verse 1: BlocBoy JB]
Talk to me
You know the money, it walk to me
Call up the bank, told 'em bring the whole vault to me
Murder, you know it's white chalk with me (Chalk)
I shoot up the crowd, told them, "b*t*h, get up off of me" (Grrah)
n***a gettin' paid by hoes at the Westin
She ain't gettin' paid, let the ho bring her best friend
You know my best friend, that is the FN
Smack on this AP like my name was Ben 10
I shot him, ayy, God, forgive me, I done sin-sinnеd
Smoke on this dope, I get high off thе twin-twin (Gas)
Shoot him in the back and the neck with this four-ten (Huh?)
I cannot take disrespect from not no man
In love with the Glock, I'm protected by romance (Yeah)
These opp n***as pu**y, they might as well hold hands
All this ice on me, I turned myself to a snowman (That's on my mama)
I'm an OG, can't nobody control the man
My clip hold thirty-three like Nickelodeon (Rrah)
I got them keys, no custodian ('Stodian)
I finesse for them P's, hit the club, do the shoulder dance
No need for a belt 'cause the 40 gon' hold the pants
No envelope, get the fax and we mail 'em in
You snitched on your homie, why catch a case with you? I know you gon' tell again (Snitch)

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