Pitbull & Stereotypes


[Intro: Pitbull]
Mr. Worldwide!
Abraham Mateo, E-40, Stereotypes that's the show
I want all the ladies out there
Go ahead and uh, shake what your mama gave ya
(One, two, three, oh)
Talk to 'em like

[Chorus: Abraham Mateo]
Ooh, girl I want you to shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
What your mama gave ya (Uh huh)
Come on ohh, sexy thang
Don't be scared to act like an animal
It's in your nature (Uh huh)

[Verse 1: Pitbull]
You know I eat it from the roota to the toota
Let me do ya, let me school ya
He may be smooth but I'm smootha
I'm slick Pit ruler, let a slip slip through ya
Hit the Virgin Mary from the back
And had her screaming: Ha, Hallelujah!
Yeah, the devil's hot but I'm hotter
Yeah these boys rap, but they say, a whole lotta nada
Me I'm building schools, from Miami to Nevada
Now baby bend over and show me that got it
Off in the Exumas, actin' a fool
Where the water so clear, b**** look like a pool
Whoody who, whoody what, who's f***ing you
That would be me, P-I-T
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