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Johnny Manchild & The Poor Bastards

"All In My Mind"

Must be a target on my back
They take aim with such finesse, they draw the string and let it snap
You'd think I drew it on myself
For the circles outline parts that I don’t show no one else
I made an enemy today
Back and forth a constant bicker over what I do and say
It seems that I just can't agree
With the version of myself I keep around for company

Can anyone tell me why
I never give up
Trying to break myself away from all the things I've come to love
It’s all in my mind

I guess I never really tried
To start a dialogue, to make a bridge for you and I
Is there a possibility
I'm narcissistic thinking I could be a better me than me
I always try to best myself
So defeated in my losses, never reaching out for help
A self-sustaining war
I fight 'til I can't stand it, end up drinking on the floor

It's never been easy for me, to deliberate sides
Choosing the better of two evils, what's the good in even trying

It's all in my mind

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