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Cam Meekins

"Food for Thought"

[Verse 1: BOOKS]
Some food for thought, got a lot on my plate
Still  I’m eyeing the steak
Ya  dude is lost like
Tryna find me a way
They try and tell me rhymings the way
Minding  the pay?
Then  you getting socked in the face like

It’s a shame how greed finding a way to make a movement
It’s  a shame how these cops acting like they persecuted
It’s a shame that because the way my skin is at these cops will see me chiefing, think "gee he needs a second chance"

f*ck a shame in the name ain’t a game this became matter of life and death
This a stain to erase as they claim at the base it’s a matter of writing checks, nah
This  a matter of lighter heads getting higher bread, high respect, high again, while the rest lying dead
Don’t bat an eye when it’s not my expense, eh?

I don’t know

What the f*ck?
Who the f*ck don’t know when the gun gon' blow at unarmed bro what is right what is wrong, what the f*ck?

[Hook: Cam Meekins]
My mind keeps runnin' am I goin' insane?
Or maybe I'm just caught in the game
Ever since a youngin' been feelin' this pain
But sh*t ain't too much changed

I really want to get away from this
I roll up, blaze this
Drive slow when I play this sh*t
It's too much going on gotta make a difference (yeah)

Is she gon' be around? Is she gon' stay down?
I don't really know

Are they your real friends 'cause they checking up on you?
I don't really know

[Verse 2: BOOKS]
Some food for thought, got a lot on my plate
Climbing for fame as I’m eyeing the greats
And I’m trying this game so my ideas can change up the globe
Stay on the low, till y’all can see what I know
Concede what I don’t
Seeking for equals to be on the globe but Jesus they hear it and think it’s a joke

Woah, I don’t blame em
Blood on this nation
It’s our own, it’s our own
How you trust what they sayin'?
I don't know, I don't know
See these dollars do the talkin'
Money aligns with music now I’m tryna do the talkin'

Open up, better listen
Watch from a distance and you’ll gain a new perspective on everything that’s a given
And everything they envision and everything that they saying
America the great til we slaughtering all the natives

Now theyre slaughtering their own youth

Eat that sh*t

[Hook: Cam Meekins]

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