Cam Meekins

"There For Me"

[Hook: JZAC & Cam Meekins] x2
Eh, there for me
There for me there for me
You been there for me
There for me, stay down

[Verse 1: JZAC]
Mama called, I was busy
Left a message, try again
Ima get her back tomorrow
Hugs and kisses, how you been
Hate to say I'm busy but I'm working, I been dialed in
Work to put the family on my shoulders like a violin
Pops moved out to Florida, he enjoys retirement
Still he working 9 to 5, damn that man's inspiring
He tell me he proud of me, I'm shaping the model now
Wish I told him more I'm proud of him, he put the bottle down
I done seen a lot of crazy sh*t, I wouldn't change it up if I had the chance
There was times when I was growing up I saw it crashing on me like an avalanche
Guess it plays into the master plan, learn to trust and accept it
Ima do what I can for you, cause I know your world been getting hectic
(I know your world, I know your world getting hectic
Isn't always going as expected
Knowing now that your lifestyle is unrestless
Know I got you cuz you're always there for me)
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