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Brother Ali

"American Nightmare"

It's an American Nightmare
We don't fight fair
We take lives here
Done gone

[Verse One: Brother Ali]
Rain, sun or cool
Breeze, ease, the pain crack another brew
Ghetto public school, leak rain from the roof
Troubled youth, was your name?
Straight from the womb
Cycle coming true
Your father flew through the same trap door that you'll one day plummet through
Ain't nothing new
Rugged like a hundred proof
Place where they say the easy way is jumping from the roof
Police coming through
They rough
Hand cuff, G
Grab knucks, points guns at you no matter what you do
How the quote unquote justice move
If you protect us then who protect us from you?
There's a couple youth
Workers but they're few
Far between, they can't reach but one or two
You only bustin' loose
When you got numbers glued to your back
Whether that's a jersey or a jump suit
You wonder what you do to make the world punish you
That's when your sense of right and wrong start to come aloof
Hustlers recruit
Right in front of school
f*ck the rules
You got ? , you got nothing to loose
They show it on the news
Them people judging you
As if you had a f*ckin' chance this is what you choose
Can't sing nothing but the blues
Americas Nightmare the God's honest truth

[Hook] - 2X

[Verse Two: Scarface]
I'm barely grown
I'm lost all alone
Out on my own
My mind gone
Pocket with stones
And I pitch to these unknowns
Cops tend to roll undercover trying to bust us
But cops get they head flown
I'm in a dead zone
I ain't supposed to be here
I'm a ghost with a pistol blowin' smoke totin' weed here
See here?
The fine print you ain't read there
The I-don't-give-a-f*ck-part
Approach you where you sleep at
Your whole world seems to fade to it
And I'm a passer-by acting like I ain't do it
It's plain stupid
The drugs must have done that
As you bleed I get the dry heave
Nauseous because I can't vomit
Wicked this way cometh
The ending of days
God promise
That's brung us
To the point where we at now
And I have come to far for me to back down
These devilish ways
These voices I hear from the grave
Speak to me saying "Kill that motherf*cker", I'm a slave to it


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