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Brother Ali

"Original Prince"

[Intro] [Brother Ali]
And yes y'all
The sounds you hear
So devastating to your ear
On the one and two from the Rhymesayer Crew
B.K. One
Got a special guest in here tonight
No further ado we gon' pass him the mic
We said a two, a four
A six and a eight
C'mon Faheem, and let's motivate

[Verse] [Faheem]
Well my name is Faheem and I'm six years old
I got a hold of the microphone
I got a pretty face and a pair of brown eyes
When I'm on the mic I hypnotize so
Jump back, catch a heart attack
And you get beat down with a stickball bat
Get down
Quit that messin' around
'Cause Faheem is in your town
And we rock
Ya don't stop
We rock
Ya don't stop, hit it!

[Outro] {Faheem]
Shout out Rhymesayers, all around the world
Samayo, what up?
Jacob, nice to see you baby
Sakeeya what up
What's up, Oz?
Assata, what's good?
What up Pootie?
Rhymesayers! What!
Who put this together? Me- that's who
Who do I trust? Me- that's who
Say goodnight to the bad guy!

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