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Brother Ali

"Father Figures"

(Brother Ali)
Truth teller, truth yeller. Proof. Evi-dence. yes yes

Full grown father of four still in search of father figures
Hard to feel at home here in the body that my trauma lives in
Self-hatred still my opposition
I chop a parcel out the wisdom I've been given, out atop the rhythm
I'm not a victim or a liar and I'm not afraid
Offer me a kingdom if it's wrong I'll walk away
I know my talent versus fame isn't adding up
Folk that know me throwin' shade said I ain't wanted it bad enough
Seen so many change and get strange for the spotlight
If that's what you mean brotha, you couldn't be more right
I'd rather feel shame than an atoms weight of arrogance
Mention deaths name, prepared for it, ain't fearing it
Atheists describe the God that they don't believe in
See we ain't even at odds cause I don't feel that neither
I know we come from a source that's much realer
A cause that all sleepers keep concealing
Seekers overcome the amnesia

Feel the heartbreak bleeding all through my songs
My Atmosphere brothers brought me along
I carry on, for the love of love, and for the hope of hope
I feel it from above, and hold the moment close
Soak up the rawness, floating all through my songs
The Al Taw'am twins kept me strong
I soldier on. For the love of love, and for the hope of hope
I catch a sudden buzz, an overdose

I got a knock up on my door it was the FBI
"Can't come inside with out a warrant but I'll talk here on the steps awhile"
They want to question my travelin', what's the harassment, power obsessed authoritarians to test what I'm channelin
He said his mission keep the innocent from dying, had to laugh a little bit to keep from crying
I sigh as if we don't know about the COINTELPRO and devilish drones that rain Hell into homes
Never an empire rose without blood on its hands and face
They hate the poets for exposing to channel the rage
Sacred space, whether I'm in Iran, or Lebanon
Or the south side of Chicago or Sudan
The power in the song is the truth not the performer
My question for you is where's the honor
In bothering a father in his home in pajamas
On his birthday in front of all his daughters
Next time call the lawyer

I'm part of this resistance, blistering through my song
The great Chuck D kept me strong
Sound the alarm, for the love of love, and the hope of hope
This is what justice does, put you in their scope
My steadfastness, blastin' this dope ass song
Cornel West never led me wrong
I soldier on, for the love of love, and for the hope of hope
For every one of us, that hold the rope that won't be broke

Truth Teller, Truth Yeller
Bring it back though let me finish

I'm from a long line of writers and teachers
And spend all of my time with guides and seekers
And criminals and preachers
Sifting through the secrets just to kick 'em through your speakers
These tears just flowing my whole life long
Look in the mirror still see my mom
I'm writing songs for the love of love and for the hope of hope
This is from dusk to dusk, and pray they hold me close. Ghost

Truth teller, truth yeller. Proof. Evidence. Yes Yes
Manifest in the flesh to be the best of the best

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