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[Verse 1 - Chow Mane]
Okay my nut trickle down her face, Reagonomics
Baby got a ass, smokin' on gas just like Obama
Met her in Richmond, she got a house in Contra Costa
But the b*t*h came from Russia I think she said her name Ivanka
I be in her colon, no Kaep
Shorty on her knees she don't f**k with the flag
f**k ICE 'less I put it on my neck
Take them kids outta cages, put em in her throat like it's strep
I keep a tight circle like her anus
I just f**ked some white dude's b*t*h and she was Asian
I don't feel bad cuz he was a lowkey racist
Coulda been on SNL with some of the sh*t he was sayin'
I seen her stuff it in her mouth like Kobayashi
And her dude buss in the hotel room, wanna fight me in the lobby, ok
Man, all these b*t*hes bootsy like it's Baton Rouge
Ain't my fault she nasty like the floors in bachelor bathrooms, uh huh

[Hook - Chow Mane]
b*t*h geekin' got them drugs on silk road
Every weekend she got stuff on her nose
Babygirl off em xans but we in Xanadu
I just made me a bag off of mechanicals
I smoke frontos I don't smoke cigarillos
Sippin' green tea at the crib with my bros
Yea you off them xans but we in Xanadu
Said you don't like Chow Mane, you cappin' yea you do
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