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"Can’t Wait"

[Verse 1]
The life I live, a gift, a curse
Yeah, you can doubt, you're not the first
I got patience like a doc, a nurse
If I'm on the move, it's not reverse
Still on the prize, my eyes will stay
Call me Darrell 'cause I'll lead the way
There's a lot of dues that need to pay
Either win or lose, I need to play

You can love, and you can hate
I'm just tryna live my fate
They want good, but I need great
No I can't wait, no I can't wait
Can't spend time 'cause it's not free
Live my truth, yeah, that's the key
I'm not two, no, I'm not three
One day you'll see that it's been me

[Verse 2]
I keep it real, I'm Dave Chappelle
I don't have to speak 'cause time will tell
And my songs are rud, they agin' well
Yeah, you rode the wave but then you fell
So composure's what you need to find
I got bars for days, makes sense, I'm kind
Ain't no bird, no house, I'm on the grind
And I set my sights, you must be blind
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