Make It Make Sense lyrics


[Verse 1]
I used to say, "When
Is it gonna work?"
Yeah, my friends think I'm a j*rk
Yeah, I'm crazy, I'm berserk, I pretend
Like everything is fine
But there's so much on my mind
And I always feel behind, I've been
The truth of myself, don't worry 'bout your health
Go ahead and get this wealth, you can mend
Bridges when you can
When you are the man they understand

[Chorus 1]
I breakdown, I cry, cry, cry
And why, I don't know, know, know
And yes, I deny-ny-ny
Feelings I don't show, show, show
As hard I try, try ,try
I'm losing control-trol-trol
I have no defense (-fense)
Please make it make sense (sense)
Please make it make sense

[Verse 2]
And now it's like when
Am I gonna see everything I hope to be
Well it's all in front of me, and I pretend
Like I need more
And the ones I do it for, same ones that I ignore, I bend
Reality and dreams, need to think about life and all that it means
Need to mend
Heal the ones I've hurt 'cause tomorrow I could end up in the dirt

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