Come Correct Freestyle lyrics


[Verse 1: Ice]
Play with a lot of kilos, got me angry
Do a stunt with the gun, call me Randy
b*t*h come to my team like some candy
Making chill underwater like Sandy
So many haters, man they can't stand me
916, OGS up to family
Only people that really understand me
Smoke dope on [?], get's me angry
Make your mum disappear like Bambi's
f**k what people think
Take another sip of my drink
Look in the cup, yeah it's pink
Lean is my drink
Shut the boat or it will sink
Go anywhere with the uzi
Shoot a n***a down like oopsie
Heat your block like a jacuzzi
Swear to god my life's likе a movie
Girls see [?] wan' do me
Her friеnd on, she was cute wanna chew me
n***as hate and they wan' shoot me
Walk past, people are screwing me
Maybe give you some corn from the uzi
Then watch on the news like a movie
Take your b*t*h out to eat, she wants sushi
Took me home and drank like a smoothie
All my n***as all G's like Gucci
See a opp and it's karma, [?] right
I'm 916 'til I bloody die
Beat a grown man up 'til I make him cry
Hate being sober so I'm always high
Yeah I'm floating with the stars so I'm in the sky
Yeah I'm floating with the stars so I'm in the sky

[Verse 2: M'Skum]
Free my n***as in the can
[?] up dro
Got my n***a on a ban
Cah I move too cold
[?] like a stove
Tell a boy mind how you roll
[?] ghost
Me and brown bread get toast
Tryna get my P's on the low
Rolling with the G's on the ropes
Man catch me round pole
If it ain't money, don't call
Little n***a roll with the tool
Stay at home be a good yute
You don't wanna make the news
Certified [?], we shoot

[Verse 3: Johnny 5ive]
Run a man down with the Rambo
Had him laying low with a pole
No my [?] ain't fizzy like Tango
Leave the seen red, can of Coke
Them n***as ain't been in no bando
Them n***as been in their home
See my little n***as, them move ASBO
Feds wan' 'em off of the road
n***as show fake love but I see through it
That n***a didn't rate us and got his sh*t ruined
You know I'm tryna draw blood, I wanna see fluid
You talking that paper, I talk that fluent
Show you how to do it when I'm riding and touching
Thought we was screwing until he saw what I was clutching
Suited and booted, yeah I will blow off his pumpkin
Know what I'm doing, a loose night, I will dump it off
Man ain't soft, don't get it wrong
You must be slow, it's nothing long
If you get touched don't sing no song
If you get touched don't talk to cops
I'm tryna see a pagan tonight
If we slide then you know it's on sight
You know I got mine
Them n***as ain't about that life
For your own safety, don't lie, n***a

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