Famke Louise

"BEN JE DOWN? (English/Engels)"

Lyrics of Famke Louise – "BEN JE DOWN?" ft. Badd Dimes & Jayh

[Intro: Badd Dimes, Famke Louise]
Mmm papi give me your beats
Famke Louise

[Pre-Chorus: Famke Louise]
Boy, I'm waiting for a sign from you
I'm telling you boy, in a little bit I'll be your wife

[Chorus: Famke Louise]
Can you leave those b*t*hes alone, are you the one?
Oh do you see my worth, I'm a survivor
I don't want to guess any longer, we need to talk
I have so many questions, will you behave?
Boy are you down? Because I am down
Will you be real with me? If I am with you
Ooohh, ooohh, ooohh, ooohh

[Verse 1: Famke Louise]
Hold me, hold me tight
I have already been thinking about you, the entire night
I have my eyе on you
Danse to the reggaеton with you
If you believe that you caught me
I am yours till the morning
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