Famke Louise

"Laten Zien (English/Engels)"

[Songtekst van "Laten Zien"]

Yeah, they be crazy

I want to show you that I'm the only one
I have what you desire, desire
Butterflies in my stomach when you give me a kiss, kiss
Whatever happens, I have your back, back

[Verse 1]
Sitting on my baby late at night
Let me pamper you, baby take flight
Skinnydipping in Ibiza, make it hot, hot
But I have my body against yours if you can handle it
Ooo, ya
Just say the word and you see that I am there
I'll never fail, because I am a boss
Make you the work, no not of the moon
We switch roles, you know how this sh*t goes

Ay, ay, ay
I don't know what it is with me
I want more of your time for me
Then I'll stick with you, side by side
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