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Jealous women, jealous n*ggas, jealous jealous, all jealous
Know what I'm talking about?

My n*gga, moose!

It be the closest ones to ya
It be the closest ones to ya
It be the closest ones to ya
Tryna maneuver and screw ya over
The closest ones to ya

Yo, man, what's good?
Yeah, man, what's good?
Nah, man, I'm chillin' man I was wondering if I -
Nah, man, I'm busy right now. Holla at ya boy later, feel me? Matter of fact, lose my number. Matter of fact, don't ever call me again. Feel me? Alright, one hunnid

People all non-fiction, conflicting, caught in addiction, and the mister politics and conspirant whispering
Hit or miss, though
Probably busy
I hit your b*tch main, she probably with me
The possibility is responsibility
It's contradicting me, there's no constricting me
No division league, just me on the corner throwing out some pigeon fees
Smokin' nicotine, broke the spliff down and rolled the ciggaweed
I know you, b*tch, now you hoes is little league
5'7 but I never let him belittle me
You n*ggas get some help to find yourself, though
Reason they hold off on you cause you fell off
You know yourself worth living well-off
Not crying tears or f*ckin' wit you, wishin' down a well though
What's sent for me is coming for me, no mail fraud
Life is great like Tony Tiger and Kellogg's
And my word is bond, n*gga, f*ck a bail bond
I'mma bet my own boat so I can sail off
Shorty where, but I'm working my tail off
I got these motherf*ckers angry, I don't fail at all
Playing crosswords and hangman in the loft
Handlin' Mossbergs, my wife is Lara Croft
I put off in my city, you never wipe it off
I never die, I'm here forever, man, your vital's lost
I got a bad b*tch, personal China doll
And she a vegetarian, like around the sorrow
You mad at me for doing me when n*gga I ain't sorry
I'm making sure my seat is good so he don't have to worry
About anything cause everything is everything
And it's over when it's never seen

It be the closest one to ya
It be the closest one to ya
It be the closest one to ya
Tryna maneuver and screw you over
The closest ones to ya

I tell the hoe the world is all she got
Something like that

Man, I pray for all my haters
I'm thankful for my savior (that's my son)
Two thunder the pillow of a f*cking sabre
Let life teach you what it was
But don't let it degrade ya
I'm in the backroom twisting up my favorite flavor
Flavors I need f*cking balance
Clean my palette I got taste for Maker's
I tilt the whiskey 'til I'm feelin' tipsy
Writing from the studio with lean on me like Nipsey
Listening to Lean on me while leaning on my steering wheel
Under the seat machinery the beams on me I'm here to kill
People don't know how to live their life and that's the illest thrill
Go up in my canister and find myself the chillest pill
It's real, it's real

I ain't got time for no false claims
I'mma turn my name into a boss' name
Embedded myself, f*ck being lost in fame
First a n*gga sold their soul and then their check is paid
Then the n*gga rarely talk the same, it's harsh and lame
But it's true and you art to blame for your own actions
And habitat adaptions

My n*gga, moose!

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