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[Produced by Knxwledge]

[Intro: Hodgy Beats]
You know what I'm saying
You might as well make it mine though
While you're making your mind up too

All jokes aside

Feel it

[Verse 1: Hodgy Beats]
Undeniable features
Unreliable creatures
Trying to find the indescribable trials that teach us
Shining my rifle in the night 'case a rival come breach us
Tell a hater to wait in line like I'm supplying new Yeezus
n*gga got stripes
Crossed T's and dotted I's
b*tch I been on the jug
My decoy spotted the spies
Drama arrives
I swat 'em like flies
And box 'em like pies
We're living and killing
A lot to survive
It's a dirty game
With dirt on my name
Women flirt because of my chain
Covered in chains
Slavery, cuff 'em in chains and jail em cause of they color till enough of 'em change
Stuck with the same, what the f*ck am I saying
You Bluffing, you lame
I'm working out, buff and displayin'
A youngster just playin'
Along with the trumpet arrangements
Old and decrepit, young and decayin'
Don't trust a b*tch n*gga who's sprung off betrayin'

[Hook: Hodgy Beats]
I'm here today
I'm gone tomorrow (gone tomorrow)
Ain't nothing promised tomorrow (Ain't nothing promised tomorrow)
Take it with me to the grave
Everything's bonds
I'm here today and gone tomorrow (here today and gone tomorrow)
Mamma told me to count my blessings instead I was stressing
Your last one's more effective than your first impression
So take out your latest weapon and load it at heaven
You should cover your ears
It's exploding in seconds

[Verse 2: Bishop Nehru]
Ain't a thing promised tomorrow that's what they say
Well in my case, cuz ain't a thing promised today
I been facing the apocalypse in interesting ways
So there's no tyin' my mind to the Mayan page
These guys are dazed, my days been made to spend
From amazing to amazed within
Feel like the great compression's making me bend
The faces I do appreciate are fading again
Fakes saying I'm great but the tape ain't spin
Trying to finesse God got to be the biggest sin
I'm just pinned in the cut with a grin
It's crazy how people of all ages still playing pretend
But I got called immature day out and day in
For a hyperactive disorder that's torture to in
I'm just sorta a recorder trying to find some more orders
My life's hitting the border from horror to moving forward


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