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[Verse 1: Hodgy]
I've been in the rap game for six years
And all it did to a n*gga was bring tears
He's here, man with a mean stare
Beware of the dark, dog of a good year
Chasing tire, eat the tire
I'll retire when I'm tired
Tie the knot up through the wire
Like I'm Kanye from the West
It's been a while
Thought that was hot cause [?] with a cross in her mouth
Y'all took a nap, now we back to the chow
Acting jackass with my ass in her mouth
How's it taste b*tch? Like bowel movement
This a movement
This [?]
This a rainstorm when it's pouring
I gotta come down, come down from the hill like [?]
Reincarnated I'm a newborn, need a chew toy
Who are you boy?
You're a tool boy, you're screw boy
Not many that's like me
Who's like me just a few boy
I'ma keep being me ayy, you be you boy
I'ma keep being me, you be you boy

[Interlude: Hodgy]
Yeah, don't you know this MellowHype?!
Now you know my address n*gga, holla at me, yeah

[Verse 2: Hodgy]
Drink whiskey, he's tipsy
b*tch with big ole titties
Whispered in my ear, well money talks so b*tch talk swiftly
Twenties, hundreds, fifties
[?] busy counting hundreds and fifties
Hodgy oh my god, you're so hot
You [?]
[?] like a bloodclot
Now taking shots, n*gga I love Glocks
n*gga f*ck cops, I don't love ops
Do my does-wop and believe I trust not nobody
Trust nobody with my whole body
Hodgy like three n*ggas in one, they gon' have to co-sign me
So icy, so grimy
No siamese twin on my shelf case
I showcase my [?] lighting
How the f*ck do he rap this good
Supplying verses, give 'em back to the hood
Provide the purpose and that's what he should be doing
Hodgy remember my name and if you don't
Let's just play a little game, a brick can float

[Outro: Hodgy]
I already knew since I was born I was made for this sh*t
Round of applause n*gga
MellowHype 2018 taking over all you broads n*gga
All you dogs n*gga, all you frauds n*gga
Hodgy Hodgy Hodgy Left Brain on the beat getting off n*gg

We was just chilling, we took a hiatus
Now it's-now we-now it's back

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