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"Blossom & Burn"

[Chorus: Lee Spielman]
Cardboard crutches
Support the weight of the world
Ashes to ashes
Blossom and burn

[Verse 1: Hodgy Beats]
Eany, meany miney, moe, you got a f*cking problem?
Ashes for blossoms, thrashing and problems
Golf trash possums, wait, talk, goblin
Stray you rat, gay sack, rubber grip, gay strap
Push your f*cking day back
Every f*cking day's black
Every bloody always now, speaking lion's always down
The stories sh*t but I want to watch you cut and bleed
All these lies, and cuts, and pleads, I want to watch disease

[Verse 2: Tyler, The Creator]
Trash Talk and the black hawk
This the sh*t that make all the kids pull their gats out
f*cking blast off, go ahead and grab the chainsaw
And take your cast off with your mask off (Trash Wang)
Now, watch the guitar riff, hit them drums with a large stick
And hope you hear that f*cking bass, trying to sit still in the f*cking mosh pit
Talking trash I'm breaking bad, and snorting glass, my port is head
Because out my mind, I'll show you f*cks, Doc TC in a f*cking demon pit

[Chorus: Lee Spielman]

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