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[Verse 1]
They said a piece of my ambition's ambitious
Hat back, snap back, Brooklyn Мишка
Movie role, studio, rubber grip in my cuticles
Coohie yo the stupid ho who fall for cupid doe
I can't fall in love with a bit of sh*t
Cause if I fall into it, it's being used and then quit
You more on the b*tch, I'm on the analog sticks
You can quote me on my sentence n*gga, catalog this
Odd Future wolves, ain't some passive artists
A bunch of massive artists, hang up, I had to call this
We mosh through streets like a pack of walrus
So when we come around them n*ggas had to ball fists
My swagger is natural flavor, then citric acid
Honey ginseng if it's extracted
And honey's with me if she's attractive
Her address, I address, my hoop in her basket

Man, when it came to school, I got bad grades
Now, when it came to the law, I didn't know how to behave
My n*gga but with music, music, music
I'm on the honor roll, honor roll, honor roll
With music, music, music
I'm on the honor roll, honor roll, we on a roll

[Verse 2: Domo]
Threw my condolences to bogus sh*t, cause I'm killing sh*t off
Survival on the love boat, I'm kicking every b*tch off
Phone book flow, this some sh*t you'll never rip off
sh*tting on you n*ggas, I'm a level past p*ss off
Risk all to get all, I'm all in
Leaving every bar spin, getting paper, I don't do go cigar, friends
Give me a couple seconds, I'll be leaving with your girlfriend
Gotta get in fresh, got her mouth full, gargling
Spit it out
Dealing with the mary by the big amount flying from a different route
Money 'bout to come so these b*tches trying to stick it out
You ain't special though, give me neck and then I kick you out
Domo Genesis, it ain't nothing next to that
Aiming for success and won't fall for nothing less than that
Wolf Gang sh*t, got all my n*ggas repping that
If we ain't it yet, somebody show me where the best is at


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