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"Who Dat"

[Intro] [Domo Genesis]
I'm a beast, I'm a monster

[Verse 1] [Domo Genesis]
Sir Smoke-A-Lot is here, yes indeed
I'm with a b*tch that don't smoke; digesting weed
f*ck it, getting high, my supply, f*ck the middleman
That dummy girl sh*t blow my mind like a ceiling fan
I wreak havoc, I spazz, I'm a killing man
My mind is on some "get as much cash as a n*gga can"
Before I go, tell her that we'll never chill again
She hurt, but at the end of the day, that b*tch is still a fan
OF in this b*tch, I know you feel it fam
We making hits and y'all n*ggas missy like Timbaland
I kick it heavy like I'm sitting in some Timberlands
Wolfgang team, wolf lay up with a different hand
Buzzer-beater, I don't love her, I don't need her
I leave that to the fake n*ggas out, cousin Skeeters
When I'm done, I'mma kick her out and you can keep her
My flow was crash test, I'm just a dummy on a speaker

[Hook] [Domo & Hodgy]
I'm a beast, I'm a monster. Really I'm a monster
If I ain't, then why these b*tches screaming at the concert?
(b*tches screaming!)
Why these b*tches screaming at the concert?
Because I'm a monster, they're screaming at the concert

[Verse 2] [Hodgy Beats]
I'm officially physically killing things, It's a mystery
You f*ck with me, you're history, misery 'bout my
Frost bite blizzard, three wish wizard
Slurping that slithers, intuitions of a n*gga
I go to school, and when I go I go to cool
In class that is, give me A+ head in the back of the
Motherf*cking class that is, animal style, In 'N Out
Food fast that is, I'mma rap that ish, I'm a bast*rd kid
Can't nobody tell me sh*t, that's why I'm laughing b*tch!
I'm sh*tty when it comes to the nitty nitty gritty
Can't fix me, I'm broken like loose brakes on a fixie
I'm your Virgin Mary, cherry like a hickey, hymen
The reason I would never let a b*tch kiss me
I'm growing ham swine, they ask me how I'm doing, damn fine
Get the f*ck out my damn mind, b*tch!

[Outro] [Hodgy Beats]
Look out for Rolling Papers, that's Domo Genesis, coming late August
Odd Future Wolf Gang, Odd Future Wolf Gang
Uhh, check out Mellowhype - Black and White
It's dropping after that- well, ain't got a date for it but..
Look out baby!
This motherf*cker, this motherf*cker.. Aha!
This motherf*cker ? got some sh*t poppin' too my n*gga
My n*gga Jasper! Kill 'em all!

[Domo Genesis]
Yeah uh.. haha
You f*ckin' with the Genesis, you f*ckin' with that winner sh*t
Salute me gang apprenticeship, or you can't get no membership
Wolf Gang

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