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"Wild Boy"

I don't skateboard but I spit fire
It's a lit fire, n*gga pit fire
Hodgy Beats, his own Empire
And he ain't washed up like a riptide
Big body's sitting outside
No tint so you see me riding inside
Just me and like ten dimes
Hotboxing, getting faded off the incline
You don’t skate to keep it in line
Cause I'm a wild boy
b*tch, I'm a wild boy
Keep it in line cause I'm a wild boy
b*tch, I'm a wild boy
Stay in line, cause I'm a wild boy
Like Emmet I got that wild style, boy
Hodgy Daddy's on the mic, you a child boy

[Verse 1]
I got a lot of people up in my circle
Keep my circle small like the shirts on Urkel
Like a [?] nurse, so I'm smoking purple
And I'm hardly nervous, only when there's turbulence
Think the plane gon' crash, earphones on blast
We leak Black Sabbath up in this class
When I was in high school, I never finished class
I was out getting money, selling nicklebags n*gga
5, 15, 20, 25, 30
35, 40, been this f*cking early
I was sixteen years old pouring syrup in Shirley
[?] we turn up til we're hurling
Shroom with a girl and we swoon, like she's Sterling
[?] it's white and it's pearly
I'm thinking about f*cker her, her mind is dirty
She rolling up drugs [?] we bump this sh*t in Berkeley

I got a bunch of n*ggas with me, ready to raise the crime rate
This .45 ain't mine, I set her up for blind date
I'ma smoke this marijuana til I meet my dying day
Keef on the bottom of the grinder like the [?] of Bombay


[Verse 2]
I'm a live wire, get it paid in full like Mekhi Phifer
[?] these white liars
The day that I die is the day I drive Viper
24 hours of spitters like rhyming cyphers
If rapping was a crime cause they had to indite us
But it's not so I [?] invited
What you got to say, where them haters at?
Buying all this Haterade, I thought I f*cking paid you back
Carry my whole city on my shoulders like a piggy back
Laughing to the piggy bank, smoking on a different batch
Mix and match, [?]
My life is real and I ain't finna act
Come correct if you incorrect
Yeah, Hodgy n*gga

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